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Product Reviews and How the Customers Should See Them – Are you interested to buy a certain product in the near future but still not knowing the best brand and series to choose? Well, it is somehow really confusing. It is not effective to go to the advertisements since they may only talk about the good things. The easiest solution to take is by reading the reviews. You should not worry since the reviews can be simply found from the internet just by typing the keywords. However, are you really sure that those reviews are true? How can you acknowledge that the writers are not being paid by the company? This is the problem since it can just trap you. Sometimes, reviews are closely similar to the advertisement but just in the different forms. Based on that fact, it is important for you to be really careful. Here are then some tips and tricks to know the validity of the reviews.
product reviews

Product Reviews and How the Customers Should See Them

See the Products Firstly

Before going to look for the reviews, it is so much important to know well about the products. it is so common if customers may already have their own preferences. As an example is when you want to buy Smartphone. Of course, in this 2017, you must already have your old Smartphone to be replaced with the new one. Do you have a problem with this old one? Does the Smartphone have some lacks? If yes, just mention it or make a list. If the lacks are not too many, it can be a reference that you probably need to buy a new Smartphone with the same brand. Yes, it is although this may not guarantee that the series you want to buy have the same good things as the old ones.

Meanwhile, if you want to change the brand, make sure to know what the real reasons why you want to do it. Are you being tempted by the Smartphone of your friend? Are you sure that your friends are really satisfied with it? In general, questioning yourself is very important mainly if you already have experiences related to a certain product. For this matter, you cannot be easily tempted by the advertisements as well as reviews provided out there.

Tastes, Preferences, and Appropriateness are Different

Let’s say that the reviews are written by someone fair. It means that he or she was not paid by the company to write down such things. Here is another fact; tastes, preferences, and appropriateness are in different ways from one to another. The simplest thing is about foods; an example is cake. The objective assessment or comments about the cake is that the taste sweet or probably salty. However, when she said that the cake is too sweet or too salty; this is already a kind of subjective assessment. The reviewer may say that the cake is too sweet but for the others, the sweetness is probably already good and necessary for the cake. The more subjective assessment is when the reviewer already mentions something general like the cake is delicious or the cake is not delicious.

The same matter is when you read product reviews about cosmetics or beauty products. There is something that you should keep on your mind. All people in this world have different types of skin or hair. Some of you are maybe lucky enough for being granted by normal and smooth skin so that certain beauty treatments are not needed. But for some others, the skin is probably too sensitive, too dry, oily, and others. Therefore, the application of beauty product must give different results. While a certain moisturizer is good for this woman, it perhaps gives side effects for you.

So, what should we do while facing these things? that’s okay, just read the review until it is finished. But make sure that you are still able to think about it logically. See carefully who makes the review. When she puts the “before” photo, you can analyze simply whether her skin is normal, dry, or oily. it is if she doesn’t mention her type of skin in her piece of writing. Besides, make sure to know his race or where she lives. If she is a foreigner, there is a high chance that the climate and weather of her country are different from yours. That’s why; when it is good for her, it is not always like that for you. To buy cosmetics or beauty products anyway, it is indeed more recommended to buy the local ones. Local products have been clinically proven for being more appropriate with your skin type and even colors.
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Reviews with Pictures

The best product reviews are those who give the pictures. Yes, it is sometimes quite difficult to understand what someone is saying especially in the written form. The pictures can just help you to see the products better. It is even recommended if the reviewers are daring to release the components of products, particularly for the electronics. Why? It proves that the reviewers are not random people who make reviews just to attract visitors to visit their blogs. More than that, it also proves that he or she is really experienced and acknowledged about it. A good example is again the Smartphone. Sometimes, to know whether the components are working well, you should take them off. Since it is impossible for you when you are not experts, you must see the others do it for you. That’s why, the pictures are the proof for this matter. Especially, it is to know the validity of the reviews more.

Complete Specifications

There are some parts of reviews that you can commonly see. One of the most important thing is about the specifications. While writing about the specifications, a reviewer must know it well until the details. It is starting from the dimensions, weight, the main features, additional features, and even the functions each of them. Those matters prove that the one who write down the reviews must be really experienced and having much knowledge about it. As a common people, it is surely difficult for you to know whether the explanations about the specifications are valid or not. For this matter, it is not bad to compare one review to the others. You can collect two or three reviews of the same products and see them all. Are most of the explanations are the same? Well, it can prove that the reviews are valid enough. Having more than one review is helpful enough to decide how the product it is. When the good reviews are more, it seems that the matter if the product is indeed good is closer to be true.

Pros and Cons

The saying there’s nothing perfect in this world is probably true. It is particularly if we talk about the products sold in the market. While the pros are more as we describe a certain product, the lacks are always followed. Of course, it is something normal. Gadgets that are really great and sophisticated can be easily thermal. Meanwhile, a very delicious food is often not recommended for them who have diabetes and obesity. Things are always like that. So, as customers, we just need to keep calm and compare one product to another while reading the reviews. In other words, don’t be afraid to buy a product just because of its lack. The most important is to see whether the lack is about something significant or not.

Heat is something normal for Smartphone and other kinds of gadgets. However, it becomes a big deal when the heat causes other troubles like the devices are suddenly stopped while being used. Then, it is okay to be stopped sometimes. But if it is too often, certainly, it is a big No. Just try to look for other products that don’t have such problems. Electronic devices are also expected to be strong and durable even if the series must always be improved in the market. This is also something to be considered more. Strong and durable gadgets are not easily damaged and having problems below a year after purchasing. Besides, there are many chances to sell it later with satisfying prices when the condition is still good. Aside from that, it seems that the cons in term of design or color can still be tolerated as long as the performance is good and capable. Sure, it is for the exception if you are a kind of people who want to look stylish completely.

Read the Comments

Despite the specifications and pros and cons, there is one more part on the reviews that you must read. It is the comments. Undeniably, the comments are commonly more honest than the main article. Particularly, it is the comments from fellow users. The comment columns are effective, there can even discussion it where you can join. Besides, it is not bad to ask for further information if necessary. Of course, if you have any information related to the products, it is not bad to leave comments as well to inform the others.

There are also reviews that are already in the form of comments. Commonly, the reviews are placed under the advertisement or shopping platforms. These kinds of reviews are also much recommended for you. Again, it is because of the tendency that the comment leavers are being more honest. Just check and read all the reviews to know the quality of products more. Since the participants are numerous, it becomes easier for you to determine whether the products are recommended to buy or not. All the reviews are also being summarized into some stars maximum of 5. To buy it, the product must have stars for at least 4. When it is only 3 or less, it means many of the users who are not satisfied.

Discussion Forum

Actually, the product reviews can just be found anywhere. For you who are not satisfied enough with reviews coming from the blogs, websites, comments, you can go to the discussion forum. Nowadays, there are many forum platforms provided by big companies. There are many categories for sure and some of the categories are about the products needed by people to support their lifestyle. As an example if you want to buy a sort of gadgets, you may visit the technology category. Meanwhile, for beauty advice, the categories intended for female are helpful enough. In such forum, people can just spill out what they are thinking without being intimidated by the others. However, the brands of products are commonly censored in the way they are typed. It is like by changing some of the letters with star symbols. It is in order to avoid the people who discuss from cases of defamation.

Discussion forum cannot be said as formal reviews indeed. However, this is indeed a solution for you who look for respondents who tell their opinions honestly.

See Other Reviews

Okay, you probably have your own preferences regarding a certain product. You may like it so much. However, it doesn’t mean you can just stop your mine from seeing other products. it is not good actually to stay loyal for a certain product without knowing the others, particularly for electronic devices and meals. On the other hand, for other products like cosmetics and beauty care, it is indeed more recommended to be more loyal. Changing such products too often is not good for your skin or hair anyway. there is a conclusion about this matter. Even many days before buying the products, you can do a small survey by collecting some reviews from some brands. Then, just compare it one to the other. The comparisons include the specifications, pros and cons, and personal opinions from the users.

The tight competition among the brands may make the customers find it difficult to decide which one the best. The reviews popping up in the internet are beneficial but sometimes also trapping. It is particularly if the customers trust them so devotedly without considering many other factors. So, make sure to be a wise customer. One of them is by reading them from various perspectives even for the most valid-looked product reviews.

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